Cold Coffee Recipe

Frosty and satisfying cold coffee is a fantastic beverage treat to enjoy on a warm day. This cold coffee recipe with step-by-step photos and video is a classic for preparing delightful, creamy, and frothy blended ice coffees – just like from your favorite cafe!cold coffee

About Cold Coffee Recipe

Icy cold coffee is simply the best beverage to enjoy on a hot summer day. Even though I tend to be more of a tea drinker, I do love a good cup of coffee occasionally – and this cafe-style blended coffee drink is my favorite!

Similar to what you find at nearly every local coffee shop, this shake-like cold coffee recipe is made with sugar and milk blended together with ice. It creates a refreshing and rich beverage, with a delightfully frothy layer on top.

The taste is like a lighter Frappuccino or Frappe – but you can add flavored syrups to recreate nearly any blended iced coffee flavors.

I have used instant coffee powder to make this a quick and easy recipe. You could use either the powdered or granular instant coffee.

You can also make delicious cold coffee using traditionally brewed Filter Coffee or espresso. Prepare your drip coffee or espresso per usual, and allow it to cool (at room temperature or in the refrigerator) before using to make icy blended coffee shakes.

How to Make Cold Coffee

Make Coffee Mixture

1. Firstly, add 1 tablespoon of instant coffee to a bowl. If using brewed filter coffee or espresso you can add ¼ cup directly to the blender jar as shown in step 3 below.cold coffee

2. Add ¼ cup of warm water (not hot) to the instant coffee. Stir and mix very wellcold coffee

Blend Coffee Concoction

3. Add the coffee solution to a blender jar.cold coffee

4. Next add 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar.cold coffee

5. Blend for a minute or until the coffee solution becomes frothy and the color fades to a lighter shade of brown.cold coffee

Make Iced Cold Coffee

6. Add 6 or 7 ice cubes. For a thicker blended cold coffee use just 2 to 4 cubes of ice.cold coffee

7. Then pour in 2 cups of cold or chilled milk. To make this recipe, I used whole milk. See FAQs below for low fat cold coffee tips.cold coffee

8. Blend once for again just a few seconds, until everything is mixed well and you get a nice frothy and foamy layer on top.cold coffee

9. Pour into tall glasses and serve cold coffee immediately. The frothy top layer will settle into the beverage as it sits, so it’s best to enjoy blended iced coffee right away.cold coffee

Expert Tips

  • Coffee: Make use your favorite brand of instant coffee. The instant coffee can be finely ground or in granules.
  • Sweetener: Add your preferred sweetener. I always add raw sugar but you can experiment with various types of sugar like palm or coconut sugar or sweeteners like maple syrup or honey.
  • For a stronger coffee flavor: If you prefer a stronger and slightly bitter taste in your cold coffee, increase the amount of instant coffee to 1.5 or 2 tablespoons.
  • Creamy consistency: Include about ¼ cup of light or whipping cream while blending to make your cold coffee rich and creamy. You may need to add some sugar if you include cream. So check the taste after the coffee is blended and add more sugar as needed.

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